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General page
Dear guppybreeders and other aquariumists!!!

Genetika-guppy.my1.ru has been created for aquariumists, taking a great interest in selection and  genetics of guppy (Poecilia reticulata, Peters 1859), and also others aquarian fishes.  This site is not commercial and has character of an open information Internet resource!!! The site subjects  also have no analogues both in Russia, and in the world as is the first popular free database on genetics and selection of guppy and other aquarian fishes.

The basic directions of activity of a site are:
  • Creation of an open databank on all known, and also to prospective genes of guppy and others aquarian fishes.

    Creation of an open databank to all known signs (color, pattern, form, immunity, etc.)  To breeds and selection lines of guppy and others aquarian fishes.

  • Educational genetics and selection's programs, including private genetics and selection of guppy and some other kinds of fishes.
  • An exchange of experience  between russian aquariumists and foreign colleagues (There is English-speaking forum this site).
With pleasure it is invited to cooperation of all aquariumists, carried away by genetics and selection of aquarian fishes. Send the articles, photos and other materials, impart experience with each other and knowledge.
Let's keep and we will increase experience of fish selection of aquarian fishes together.

 Yours faithfully, site Administration.
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